Tuesday, 10 June 2008

The Wonderful and Colorful Vocabulary of PIPAY

Di kemeng nagkokol-center ka, wit na meaning na plakado na ang ingleshing powers mo. look at Pipay, kyemeng madalas pa din ang kanyang sleep of the tounges. .malala pa din ang kanyang spokening dollar skills. judge her nalang, he looks like a book naman..

The sky is the langit. (malamang)

Blessing in the sky. (ulan?)

First and for all. (anu daw?)

So far, so good, so far. (gaano pa kalayo, teh?)

Give him the benefit of the daw. (pakak!)

You look familiarity. (naman!)

You are barking at the wrong dog. (aw!)

Been there, been that. (been how? charot!)

It's as brand as new. (ah, bago...)

Are you sure ka na ba? (sureness!)

Is it okay if i hold you up while i research on the answer? (hold-up ito, ateh!)

I smell fishy... (halamang dagat ka eh)

Give her a big hand of applause! (kelangan talaga big hand?)

Give her a warm of applause! (eto pah!)

Don't touch me not! (eh di wag!)

Hello! for a while, please hang yourself... (suicide in the house!)

I'll make a bridge when i get there. (anu ka, DPWH?)

You spell the beans. (spelling bee)

Bridge over tumbling water. (tumbling lang ng bongga!)

Could you please on the off. (oo nga naman...)

Don't middle in other's lives. (kurek!)

We are one and the same. (oo na!)

I dont eat meat, im not a carnival. (perya lang...)

He is the only living legend alive. (alive, alive...alive forevemore)

Thank God! My answers have been prayered. (tungaks!)

Do you feel alone by yourself? (halah!)

*Ano ngayon ang sinabi ni Melanie Marquez sa kanya? KABOG!!! o siya, sumasakit na ang migraine ko! gegetlak muna akis ng biogjeseibel... INGAT!


mel beckham said...

Beki, you are fierce. Hihi. Moar, moar! Lol


salamat marseng mel beckham. pakak!